Market Positioning

Apollo Care is a local business designed to meet the needs of patients and hospitals in the local and regional area. We strive for accountability, accessibility, and quality in all our practices, with short turnaround times for ordered products, and prompt, courteous interactions

Apollo Care has a dedicated 503(B) compounding facility for bulk compounding of drugs which are then distributed for hospital use.

The flexibility of the process at our 503(B) facility affords our clients more customization options when deciding which products to order, which reduces waste and requires fewer manipulations by the health system’s staff prior to drug delivery.

All products of the 503(B) pharmacy complete a thorough analysis of stability, potency, and sterility prior to release. These products are stored onsite in a climate and light-controlled environment, so that we can ensure the quality and safety of the products we provide. Because these products are stored in-house, we can provide next-day delivery for all available doses to our clients. This is especially important in an environment with increasing drug shortages. By personally delivering all of our clients orders, we are ensuring proper chain of custody and product integrity.