Why Us?

Apollo Care offers the advantages and

expertise of large, cutting-edge facilities with

a small business’ emphasis on customer


For production, Apollo Care utilizes its local,

state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 facility with full

regulatory compliance and ratings for cGMP,

the same certifications required for large 


In contrast to larger vendors, Apollo Care offers a personal delivery model where all materials are delivered directly from our facilities to our clients, circumventing the use of third-party shipping services. This increases the speed of our deliveries and ensures that our customers receive what they order.

Every facility/client has a dedicated contact for account management. This facilitates order processing and engenders familiarity with processes in both directions.  We also offer technical support to facilitate order processing.

Given the flexibility of our production process, we offer targeted product development opportunities for our clients. This can include variation in the strength of product, novel volume sizes, and other order customization options

​Apollo Care is uniquely positioned to provide compounded products to hospitals in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Whereas larger distributors often have lag time measured in days to weeks, Apollo Care offers next-day delivery for all batched products.

Regulations governing 503(B) facilities are complex. Before choosing a distributor, your facility should ask the following questions:

  • Is all end-product testing completed before distribution begins?
  • Do all released batches meet the USP monographic specifications of the product?
  • What safeguards are in place for the patient and product?

Apollo Care strives to provide cost-effective solutions while ensuring the safety and integrity of their products. All batches are tested for sterility, potency, particulate matter, and endotoxins prior to release. This limits the likelihood of product recalls, which better protects the patient and health system.

In the event of a product complaint, please contact us immediately. See the bottom of our "Contact Us" page for more information.